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How BBQ Started

How BBQ Started

Posted by: Spitfire Barbecue

Big Joe the Caveman was chilling in his cave when he saw a great bolt of lightning hitting a tree nearby; so he went to investigate. He saw this big tree on fire but didn't know what it was, so he reached towards it and quickly found out that its hot... very hot. While he was standing there looking at this fire, a wild pig came running out of nowhere and straight towards the fire and began running around and the more he ran, the more the fire chased the pig. Eventually he fell down right in front of Big Joe and our caveman experienced BBQ smell for the first time. He then thought to himself that the meat smelt so good, why not cut a piece off and try it? So he took out his rock knife and cut a piece off the pig. The meat was really hot, so he spat it out and Big Joe felt like he was Spitting Fire. He then waited for it to cool down and tried again and this time, it was Epic and he ate until he couldn't eat anymore. He then picked this cooked pig up and took it to his mates in Cave twenty six and his friends absolutely loved it, so Big Joe told them the whole story about how he had descoverd this awesome meat. They then asked him what he was going to call it and he said 'Spitting Fire'.
Today Big Joes discovery still lives on but with a slightly shortened name and is now known as 'Spitfire'; so in memory of a true Caveman Legend we named our BBQ after him.

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  • "I would literally live here if I was allowed"
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