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BBQ Tips & Tools

BBQ Tips & Tools

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Choosing the fuel for your barbecue is one of the most important decisions you will make. Are you one of these people with a gas powered barbecue? Ask yourselves WHY!? Because of less mess? Where's the fun in that?! You may as well drag your oven from your kitchen and put it in your garden! As the heat & flavour you will get from a gas barbecue is exactly the same! Yes there are wood chips you can use on certain gas barbecues to add flavour, but it's short lived and with regulated gas burners you will NEVER get the intense searing heat and smoke like a natural fuel one.

Natural fuel is the only way for a "True Barbecue" - We chose natural Lump Wood Charcoal & here's why:


There are a big variety of charcoal out there, but choosing the right one is very important as it would effect the flavour of your food. Natural lump wood charcoal would be the only way to get the best result when it comes to flavour and maintaining high temperature. With natural lump wood charcoal you would also be guaranteed that there wont be any by products, chemical fillers or petroleum additives which would taint your food or your BBQ. Big No to easy lighting charcoal because they would have been drenched in chemicals and your meats would end up tasting like the chemicals. 

Natural Lump wood Charcoal 

Fire starter

Fire lighters contain allot of chemicals so if you are going to use them it would be best to use natural fire lighters which are available at most stores. We don't use fire lighters at all as our aim is to get out as much natural flavours out of our food as possible. If you are looking for BBQ igniters there are a variety on the market at the moment but we just use a paint tripper gun. This basically looks like a hairdryer but blows out extreme heat and when blowing the air directly onto the coal would ignite it and the hot air would also accelerate the heating process, which would mean less time to wait for the coals to get up to temperature. Lighting your BBQ this way would mean no chemicals would taint any of the food on the grill.                                              

BBQ fire starter


BBQ is getting more popular in the UK which means that there are more BBQ's to choose from. I wouldn't recommend that you spend thousands of pounds on a BBQ if you are only planning to use it in the summer or if you are just starting off. I personally made a BBQ that only cost £10 and learned from there how to control the temperature of my BBQ through airflow and even smoked some ribs in them( not bad for £10). If you want to do the same, just make sure that it has an air intake valve at the bottom and at the top, with a sliding disc to be able the control the airflow and temperature. Thing to remember is if you can produce amazing food on a homemade BBQ, then if at a later date when you may decide to invest in a pricier BBQ, it would be a breeze and you would be showing the professionals a thing or two. 

To be continued............



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