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Meat our Local suppliers that are Born and Bread in Bristol

Meat our Local suppliers that are Born and Bread in Bristol

Posted by: Spitfire Barbecue

It’s still pretty windy out there, but the British barbecue season is nearly here!  Before you run out to the garden all excited, optimistically wearing shorts and waiting for the rain to stop, we thought we’d get together with our suppliers and share some barbecue secrets with you.


Barbecue is about family; it’s about getting people together and digging in.  When Spitfire was born, we didn’t just bring the recipes and barbecue secrets from across the pond – we brought the ethos behind great barbecue with us as well.  


Since we started sending meat waves across the Bristol food scene in 2014 we’ve had a chance to work with some of the best family-owned food producers in the city.  People who have spent years getting better and better at what they do, who know that anything worth doing is worth taking you time over. 


In the words of Vito Corleone, “Respect the family”.  What better way to show our love for the local families who work with us than to pop in and see them, see what they do and talk about what makes their food awesome enough to be part of Spitfire barbecue?


Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be filming with Wood Family Butcher and Joe’s bakery and sharing some secrets of what goes into making an awesome barbecue.


Paul Wood has been a butcher since he left school and is now one of the most respected butchers in Bristol.  He and Wendy have been running Wood Family Butcher in Shirehampton for many years and know their Boston Butts from their knuckles when it comes to the best barbecue cuts.  We’ll be chatting to them about smoking times, how to prepare meat for smoking and what to do when the clouds rain on your barbecue parade.


Joe’s Bakery has been making Bristol’s dough rise for 130 years, and although Martin and Jane haven’t been personally stoking the oven for that whole time, they know a thing or two about the best bread to go with a smoky feast.  We’ll be rescuing you from limp Tesco finger rolls as they tell you about breads that don’t just stop you burning your fingers but add to an awesome barbecue.


Releasing your #truecarnivore shouldn’t be lonely – let our local barbecue family help you out! 



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