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A Butcher Way to Barbecue

A Butcher Way to Barbecue

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Good barbecue starts with good meat, so we went to Paul Wood at Woods family butcher to find out more about how the great Spitfire taste starts out. 

The meat is pretty much the main event at any barbecue, so when we were looking for someone local to bring the pig to the party, we embarked on quite the search.  For quality and experience, no one could match Paul and the guys at Woods.  But as you can see in the video – it’s not just about the meat, it’s about the character!


Paul blows smoke rings around the competition, and we’re proud to have him as part of the local Spitfire family – bringing the ribs, butts and briskets for Bristol’s best barbecue.

With all the love that Paul’s putting into the meat, we thought we’d give you a couple of tips on how to get the best out of quality meat on the traditional grill only barbecue that everyone has at home – don’t inflict raw but carbonated sausages on your family and friends this year, barbecue the Spitfire way!


Tip number one – Don’t be too proud to use the oven!!


If you don’t have a smoker, you can still get some great results from the grill if you treat the meat well.  We’re really excited that in the next couple of weeks we’ll be making barbecue packs so you can enjoy the best of Bristol barbecue at home (more on that next time!), in the meantime, you can still get some great results from “low and slow” cooking by using a good marinade or rub, slow roasting a meat like pork shoulder or brisket and finishing it on the barbecue. 


You won’t get the full smokey goodness you do from a smoked joint, but you’ll still get meat with a great texture and the barbecue will caramelise the meat on the outside for extra flavour.  Using quality meat and treating it well is the key.


The same approach works with chicken and ribs – if you don’t have a smoker, you aren’t just stuck with badly-cooked sausages – get creative, add flavours, treat the meat well over time in the oven and give it a smoky high temp finish.


Which brings us to…


Tip number two – Keep a covered area on the grill!


Part of the flavour of grill-only barbecue is from the fats that come off  the meat and smoke on the wood or coals.  It’s all part of it, but you can have a short-lived burn fest if you don’t have a section to let meat cook without adding more fuel to the fire.  Covering part of a traditional barbecue can give the meat somewhere to keep cooking without making the barbecue hotter and more fiery below.  You can control the flavour and the “burn” without creating a carbon-tube of raw meat!


Obviously, the best thing to do is to get smoking!  We’ll have more tips on that soon, as well as an awesome way to enjoy great Spitfire barbecue with whatever equipment you have at home!  Using Paul’s awesome meats and some Spitfire magic, you can be a barbecue superhero!


More on that next time….


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